We all,

We are all beauty.

WeAll is a project, it is a path we are following . Without end. It's a road to travel.

We want to build WeAll, WeAll. Share our research, understand together the options and directions we have and make choices that reflect who we are together.

Plant powered skincare that uses highly effective ingredients in the right quantity, traced from the extraction of raw materials at a fair price , good for your microbiota and also for the people we interact with and the environment . That will always be our goal.

Being a choice that will make us feel good, in every way.

WeAll is the result of an encounter. And through this meeting, we want to promote many other meetings.

WeAll Beauty.

We intend:

o Through , partner Graziela's research company, find new plant ingredients from exuberant Brazilian nature and also ingredients already loved by us, but of rare quality, which will generate quantity very limited range of products.

o It is also our idea to work with the communities we meet along this path, in a fair exchange, also empowering them.

o We also want to have a vertical structure where we will plant our most used ingredients and also distill the plants in the same place. The location already exists.